[Mistaken] HSM Causing Issues with Device Response Time

Yesterday, I noticed a severe degradation in response time to switches being turned on/off. After some investigation, I realized that HSM was the culprit (it was one of the changes I made before noticing the issue).

I am turning on/off switches directly from the device interface.

Without HSM, there are no issues. When HSM is installed and configured, there are increasing delays as switches are digitally flipped - by the third switch flipped the delay is about 30 seconds.

I've installed/uninstalled HSM a few times to confirm that when installed the issue exists and when uninstalled it does not.

Any suggestions on a fix?

What devices are you monitoring with HSM? Are you using custom drivers for any of them?

Purely speculative on my part, but it almost seems as if one of your devices is flooding HSM with events. Have you enabled logging and looked at the output of the logs tab? I'd be curious to see what that looks like.

Please show your HSM main page, and HSM app events (gear Icon, then Events).

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I re-installed and configured HSM - and the issue has not returned. Between my last test and this, I uninstalled a few other apps I was testing (I'm new to Hubitat and have been testing a few apps). I assume one of those apps when installed with HSM was causing the issue.

I've also noticed similar symptoms with HSM. I uninstalled it after I uninstalled almost everything 3rd party. I still experience some very random latency and missed trigger issues. I am working with support on these issues, but it was odd that you mentioned it as well. I'm thinking a combination of things are causing these issues. Probably something that will be near impossible to find. The little gremlin as someone from support fondly referred to. Maybe only something that pops up when a call for the same thing in different apps causes an issue. (Only speculating that.)

If you uninstalled HSM but are still getting the latency why would you think that HSM is the cause of the latency?

I just had to uninstall HSM because it would fail to disarm properly. At one point I couldn't even get it to disarm when I clicked the button in the web UI.

House is not happy when the keypad registers a disarm but every open door after that triggers the alarm. Only way to stop it was to uninstall (even rearmed itself with a reboot somehow.)

Would love to reinstall but need some time for the house to forget the trauma and it to get more reliable.

I need to humbly point out that you may want to look again at my post. I didn't say I thought it was the issue. I said that I experienced similar issues. I stated that I removed it after removing almost everything else. I also stated that I still experience "some very random issues". I can't find the sentence where I was blaming HSM directly. I did, however, state/speculate that it could be a combination of things.

It's not conceivable that HSM could cause any impact on device response time. It's not some weird special app. It has subscriptions to certain device events, just like any other app. There's a huge leap of logic involved in identifying the cause of a problem such as that described to be a particular app. These apps create logs. Look at them. Look at the app events. Unless you see a gazillion events that are completely unexpected, any device response issue is not due to that app.

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