Missing z-wave fingerprint for Vision Recessed Contact Sensor MSR:0109-2022-2201,

I have several Recessed Contact sensors made by Vision (rebranded and sold by Monoprice). When paired to the hub, Hubitat automatically selects an incorrect driver (usually Zipato Bulb 2). I manually switch the driver to Generic Z-Wave Plus Contact Sensor, which works decently, but it causes a headache everytime I have to mess with it. Could this fingerprint be added to the device driver lookup database so it automatically selects the correct driver? It's an old device, but Monoprice sold them for many years, so there must be large number out in the wild. The device info is: deviceId:8705, MSR:0109-2022-2201, and manufacturer:265. The link below has a good data entry including the original manual. I hope it can be added without too much difficulty.

OpenSmartHouse Z-Wave Device Database

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