Missing Rule Machine Legacy Rule - But Also Not Missing

I have a rule (RM 5.1) that, given a certain state, calls Run Actions to a RM 4.1 rule. Today I noticed that the RM 4.1 rule was not firing, so I started digging. The RM 4.1 rule is not showing up on my Apps > Rule Machine Legacy list (just plain missing). Pretty darn sure I didn't delete it. So I investigate.
I removed the RM 4.1 rule from the Run Actions call and replaced with another action. Saved everything. Backed out. Went back into the rule to see if it was still there. Yes, can add it to the RM 5.1 rule using the Run Actions option. So, it seems that while it is not there (on the Rule Machine Legacy list), it is really there (as I can see it on the list of available actions to run).
Did I delete any devices that may be in the rule? Doubtful, but not sure. Pretty sure no. The RM 4.1 rule only looked at time of day and mode to determine how to set a light. The light it sets is still there and working normally.
Is there any way to find it, inspect it, or inspect for it. If no, is this harming anything on the hub (a rule that is both there and not there). Happy to recreate in RM 5.1, just hoping that there's not a deeper issue (that I've caused).

First thing I would try is to do a backup and restore of the hub, in case there might be some corrupted data.

Also, make sure there isn't a search/filter applied on your Apps page (box at the top).

If nothing else, there should be a way to actually get to the rule by inspecting the App State for your Rule 5.1 rule that runs the rule on this one (getting the app ID, then using it in a URL to go to that rule page manually), but I'd be surprised if that becomes necessary. The above is also good advice in case you have database corruption.

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Thanks for the advice. Backed up and restored the DB, no joy. Made sure I had no filters. Need to head out of town for a few days. I'll dig into it more when I'm back in town. Thanks all.

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