Missing “Done with condition” button

Hi All,

I am migrating an old rule that has stopped working to RM 5.1 (big upgrade).

However now I have run into two problems

  1. I got partial complete and then I got to a scenario where I want to add another if then statement but the “done with condition” button is missing.

    I have tried on multiple devices.

  2. I set up my conditions in advance now I have multiples of the same condition with many being unused?

Can you help especially with 1. As I really need to get this rule working again since I broke the old version

In this situation, I recommend rewriting the rule. Chances are, you will never get it fixed.

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You have to select the capability to continue. Sometimes if you click the wrong thing it will get stuck like that and you may have to add something bogus to get past it, then go back and remove it.

As for all the extra conditions, you may have accidentally re-created them as you added the conditionals instead of selecting the existing ones you created. You can go back through and remove all the extra ones once you are done.

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