Missing Developer Pages?

There are a number of Developer Documentation pages which, if I click on them, I get back a page with a "There is currently no text in this page..." message.

I think there used to be content on these links -- are others having this problem? If anybody can get these pages, please let me know - I'm trying to confirm that this isn't a browser issue.

As an example, if I click on the "Preferences" or "Code" page links:

The response I get is one of those "There is currently no text in this page..." messages.

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Not your browser, all links that are red in color will give you just a place holder (with no text). These are pages that someone has created but just did not put anything in yet. They've been like that for over a year for sure.

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Thanks. I could have sworn there was text there at one point, bad memory I suppose!

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