Missing Configuration changes - Extremely Frustrated


I am a new user and spent almost the entire day, yesterday migrating from SmartThings. Other, than a few minor frustrations I was pretty happy with the platform. Until today....

This morning I was looking at my dashboard and realized it was missing half my changes. Further investigation shows it is not just dashboard changes that are missing. All I can think of is I rebooted the hub last evening, as the Hubitat had messed up time zones.

I had earlier changed the time zone from GMT to EST yet I was still having issues with timers. I noticed checking again that it showed the time zone as GMT but the time is EST. Attempts to update time via browser failed so I rebooted. The reboot was done gracefully via the menu. This appeared to fix the issue but the timers still don't work so who knows. At this point his is a minor issue to work out compared to the loss of work.

This morning I tried rolling back to a backup from just after 9PM last night but it did not help. The logs are useless as they do not go back far enough to be useful...

I realize I am probably out of luck and need to start over but I am posting in hopes someone has an idea. To say I am FRUSTRATED is a MASSIVE understatement. I am on the fence on keeping the thing at this point...

Any ideas that might help?

Wow, I cannot imagine how frustrating this might be. Mind sending me a PM with your hub's MAC address or Hub UID, so we can further investigate? I cannot think of any reasons why you would be missing stuff, other than the hub detecting that database was corrupted and attempted to recover from a backup, in which case, you should be able to recover all your work.


You might consider deleting this message to keep your MAC address private. Which was probably why @bobbyD requested it be sent by a private message (PM) and not be seen by community members at large ....

Also, despite your first experience with Hubitat being frustrating, welcome to the community! Past experience suggests your experience will improve - dramatically!!


Thanks for the heads up

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Just for reference, whenever I am going to make changes, I take an external backup to my PC.
I then do the changes and take another external backup. The latest backup is always stored on the hub as well.
This means that if the hub should spontaneously reboot, it will load back the latest device/app configuration and all your changes will not be lost.
It also means that if you should mess up anything while writing new rules etc. you can just do a soft reset and load your saved backup from your PC.
You are probably aware of all this but thought I would mention it just in case.
Have fun. :slight_smile:


Yeah hindsight is 20/20 :grinning: I have an IT background so should have thought of this. For some reason wasn't top of mind yesterday.

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Probably being extra thick today but I am not finding the PM option. Can someone point me in the right direction?

Click on bobbyD's profile, then use the Message button.

Thanks! I swear it was not there before. I just went from trust level 0 to 1 which may have made the difference or I just need more :coffee:


More coffee is always a good thing....

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