Missing ability to create new rule in Rule Machine

Hi All,
I opened a ticket on this but haven't heard anything so thought I would ask here. At some time in the past my Rule Machine got borked and now I cannot create any more new rules. When I click into Rule Machine it only gives me the option to Export, Import or clone a rule. No option to create a new rule, export or import rules which is very annoying. I have included a screen shot of what I am seeing when clicking into Rule Machine. I see this same behavior in Chrome, Firefox and on my android phone in the app. Thanks for any help

Ok, so posting this here for anyone else that is curious. I was able to delete the Rule Machine and all associated rules. After that I can recreate them but as I was not able to export I need to build them all from scratch.

Is there a backup with your rules on it?

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Yes, I do have backups with these rules. Is there a way to extract them. They wern't that complicated and I have already recreated them. Thanks

I don't think you can extract them. I'm assuming there are other things you don't want to over write.
If this is the case I would suggest:

  1. Backup you current configuration. I do this to my PC not the hub
    2a) Load the older database.
    2b) Export the rules you have issues with
  2. Reload the backup from (1)
  3. Import the exported rules.

Good luck

What happened if you canceled the clone rule that was in process? Sometimes RM holds the last thing you started and you have to complete it before you can do anything else.

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