Misc Jasco zw4001

I have a Jasco zw4001 that I believe is pre zwave plus. I am unable to get it to exclude when using my Hubitat hub. Looking for some guidance on how to get my hub to recognize it. Not sure if I need to add a driver or not. Thanks in advance.

Nope, its not ZW+ It’s old school 300 series

Thats good to know. So how do I connect it to my hubitat hub? Are there drivers needed?

Should be able to use the Generic Zwave Switch driver I’d think.

I still have several of these switches (GE version), you should be able to just include it as normal. Put the hub in INCLUSION mode, then with power to the switch, toggle it on / off to include. Exclude is the same, put hub in EXCLUSION mode and toggle the switch. It should be recognized, GENERIC Z-WAVE SMART SWITCH driver should work fine. Mine are attached with the GE ENBRIGHTEN Z-WAVE SMART SWITCH, but I don't recall if it is the z-wave switch or z-wave+ switch.

Thank you that did the trick. Its added to the hub now. By chance do you know if you can add this to the Vivint security system?

As far as I know, there is no integration between Vivint and Hubitat. You will therefore need to decide to have the switch either ont he Vivint or the Hubitat system.

I use to have the Vivint alarm, but since switched to Ring:

  1. Ring is much less expensive and
  2. It has a community integration to Hubitat.

I had transitioned all my Z-Wave switches from Vivint to Hubitat and my locks from Vivint to Ring (personal preference).

I was not able to transition my sensors (door, glass break and motion) from Vivint as they use a frequency that is not compatible with either Ring or Hubitat.