Mirror dimmer - easiest way

I can't believe I've never tried to figure this out before. I tried making a RM rule, but it seems to be a PITA to get the behavior I want out of it.

I have a in wall dimmer for the bedroom light. I have a floor lamp with a hue bulb in it. I just want to turn the floor lamp on/off/dim following the in wall dimmer.

I do not want two way control like switch bindings does. I want to be able to turn the floor lamp on/off without turning the main light on. Switch binding seems to be two way control.

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I'm not clear on your setup (is bedroom light a ceiling light in same room as Hue floor lamp? what type of dimmer is in place now? how would you want to control the bedroom light?), but it sounds familiar.

I have 2 table lamps and 1 ceiling light in my bedroom - all Hue bulbs. I use a smart dimmer to control the table lamps, or command either individually through Siri. The ceiling light I only utilize rarely, and I don't want it to react if I tell Siri to turn on the Bedroom. So I have a room called Xtras that I put that ceiling light in. I can still control it on with the HE or Homekit app, or through Siri, but it's independent of the dimmer or room group of lights. (I hope that was coherent)

Don't know if that helps, but - it's a start?

Z wave (inovelli) wall dimmer that controls the light on the ceiling.

I want the floor lamp (hue bulb) to turn on and off, and dim to the same level as the ceiling light.

Basically have that light behave exactly the same as the ceiling.

Gotcha, thanks.

Initially it sounds like a perfect candidate for the HE's built-in Mirror app. Not sure if you can mirror the hue light to the Inovelli dimmer (due to no experience with smart hard-wired switches), but you might give it a try.

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You can try this very nice custom app:


Switch bindings can have a master set so that it is one directional. The built in app Mirror Me is also one directional and should work.

Well son of a gun. I didn't realize there was a built in mirror app. Just added it and it's exactly what I'm looking for.

I didn't try the switch bindings app because I was thinking it was two way. If I shut the floor light off I didn't want it to change the ceiling light. I'm guessing that might have been a feature they added to have one way.

But the mirror thing is perfect!

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One good turn deserves another. I initially thought the reference to Switch Binding was more a technique than an App [g], but I learned something new today too! Thanks. :slight_smile:

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