Mirror App Question

Using my old hub for a homekit setup. I set up hub mesh with a couple devices from the new hub which I want to use in the homekit. But apparently you can't use mesh devices in Homekit integration.

So I created a virtual switch in the old hub. So if that switch is turned on I want the mesh switch from the other hub to turn on, and vice versa.

Never having used the Mirror app, if I create 2 mirrors, one for each direction will that cause any kind of problems?

Or is there a better way to do that?

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Install the Homekit integration on both hubs.

I have the HomeKit set up on my main hub. I am using the second hub HomeKit to create a separate home on Apple that has different devices. Reason for this is to share that with someone that only needs, or should only have, part of the devices.

I think Mirror Me both ways should be OK, there is also a user app called Switch Bindings that will do bi-directional mirroring for switches and fans.

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