Mirabella wifi bulb

Hi everybody.

I have a mirabella wifi light bulb. I can use it with Alexa but is there anyway I can add it to my hub to add a button on my dashboard?

Could you not have HE command Alexa to use the Mirabella globe ??
Sorry, Alexa is not allowed in my house. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It is a Tuya based bulb. You can try searching the communities for Tuya. You should also search for TuyaConvert. That should lead you to Sonoff. You will need to do a lot of conversions to get this to work. It is not an easy task and you might want to just bypass the bulb and get something that works directly.


@zarthan I figured that would be the case. I live really remote and not as easy as just going and getting one.

I have hue elsewhere. Just thought I would check.

@njanda Not sure how to do that yet. Only have Alexa because my ue speaker has it.

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