Minoston z-wave mini plug mp31z

I'm trying to replace my Wemo devices and I purchased Minoston z-wave mini plugs from Amazon. No matter what I do I can't seem to add it to my hub. I'm adding it in a room where I have another z-wave device (wall switch)

After reading the compatibility list from hubitat I found that the mp31z device is not listed so I tried to add the plug as a generic z-wave switch but it still doesn't want to add to the network.

Is there any plans to support these devices?

Any ideas

I am using 8 of them with the Generic Z-Wave Outlet driver and they are working fine for me.. I didn't specify that driver, it's just what Hubitat chose.

I originally added them using smart start (scanning the QR) but later removed them all and readded with no security. (click the button 3 x's, exclude, click 3 more, include)

I did have one that was a little stubborn *literally right next to one that added without issue so I moved it closer to the hub and added it then moved it back but otherwise they haven't given me trouble

here's a link to the manual if you need it https://minoston.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/MP31ZZW36Mmanual-1.pdf

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If the Generic Z-Wave Plug driver suggested by @kenrok1 doesn't work (but it should!) you can also try the Eva Logik plug drivers - several of us have found that the eva logik drivers play well w/Minoston devices.

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Follow this advice about adding without security - you don't need the extra overhead of S2 security w/a plug.


In most cases, even if there isn't a driver, a device should add to the hub. (I will put an asterisk here because there will be someone who will prove me wrong).

In my experience, the device will do one of a few things if it isn't a supported device.

  • It will pair to the hub, and get the "device" driver which in and of itself doesn't make the device function.
  • It will pair to the hub and pick a driver that pretty closely matches the device that isn't supported. It may or may not work exactly perfect. Often it does work right as one company can be the OEM for someone else's devices. Minoston and Eva Logic and Zooz are good examples of this.
  • The device will pair and use a generic driver. It will typically function correctly, but you may lose some advances settings or occasionally a feature like power reporting.

These Minoston pair and work fine on Hubitat. Your issue is likely to be one of range, (not being close enough to the hub signal-wise to pair), or using an improper procedure to begin pairing (wrong or too slow button press etc.), or maybe you need to exclude the device before inclusion.

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