Minoston MS13Z Smart Dimmer Switch

I recently purchased a rental property with Minoston MS13Z smart dimmer switches. I don't see it on the hubitat supported device page, but is there anyone that's been successful in getting these switches to join the z-wave network? I have 6 of them scattered around the house, so it would be great to have them on the network (and would be great to not have to purchase new switches)

Things I've already done:

I put my hub into exclude mode, and successfully got the message that an "unknown device" has been excluded from the network. However, when I try to discover the device and tap the switch up three times, it does not in any way recognize the device. I've also done the factory reset sequence (tap-tap & hold for 10 seconds). Nothing has made this device available.

Any advise/tips on how to do get these switches to join the network?


Did you ever get this working? Iโ€™ve tried the Any Z-Wave dimmer driver from @jvm33 but so far no luck. Iโ€™ve gotten as far as being able to turn off the light, but then it stays very firmly off. I canโ€™t even turn it back on with the physical switch until I remove the device and start over.