Minoston MP22ZP Outdoor Plug with Power Measurement

I have two Minoston outdoor outlets installed right now. One double and one single. I just installed the single on my pool heater and it keeps turning itself on. I have tried the EVA Logic driver and this one. I see that there is a config value 3 that has an auto-on setting. I thought it is possible that it is turning itself on. I tried using the parameter set to set this to 0, but not sure if this is the way to do it, and what do I specify for size? Thanks.

Yes if there is a set Parameter command you can use that to set other Paramaters.
Size would typically be 1 for something like that.

I would turn on debug logs and watch the log, it may log a message showing it changed it.

I would recommend switching to the Hubitat drivers that Minoston themselves offer. That way if there are any issues you can go directly to the source:

Despite where the link appears to direct (for their indoor smart plug) the page actually has all the Hubitat drivers listed on it.

As there is an official driver... I am going to remove links and code posted above for the driver I wrote.

Good suggestion - I will try this. Thanks.

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