Minoston MP22Z compatible?

Does anyone know if the above mentioned device is compatible? I know that most of the Minoston devices are and they list the MP22ZD but not the MP22Z. I'm planning and using 1 of these for my outdoor lighting and just want to verify it's compatible.

I typically use the EVALOGIK drivers with the Minoston MP22Z (I have over 12 of them now) without any issues. I would generally avoid using dimmer drivers with an on/off devices.


FYI I use the Generic Z-wave outlet for Minoston switches. If you don't need to do anything fancy, it works like a charm.

Very true, that works fine for on/off. I like having the option of the auto off feature (not that I use it much) but for the basics the generic drivers (for most anything actually) usually work fine.

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