Minor UI Bug

I discovered what appears to be a minor UI bug in a device page, you should be able to replicate this using a virtual device.

Create a virtual device using the same Device Name and same Device Label.

After the device is created delete the last character from both Device Name and Device Label and click save device.

The device page UI will show both have been changed, however when you go back to the devices main page, the Device label will not have been changed and still show the previous entry.

This is resolved by opening the device page again deleting it a second time and clicking save device

I found this by changing devices on my "z" hub and via hubconnect sending the new device over at which I usually added a "1" to the same named device so I could easily identify which was the new device and which was the old that needed deleted, Then deleting the "1" after everything was changed over.

What browser were you using? This almost sounds more like a browser cache issue. Just curious as I'm still learning.


I was not able to replicate this with a virtual device. Besides the above, another thing that might matter: what platform version are you on and what driver were you using? While I think real-world usage is rare (at least beyond initial creation in parent/child devices and sometimes after updates in the same case), drivers can technically set the name or label for a device. HubConnect Virtual Device Driver(s)

HubConnect Pocket Socket

HubConnect Dimmer

HubConnect DomeAeon Plug

Happened with all of them

I could not reproduce this on 2.2.7. Will keep an eye out for similar reports.

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