Minor system update issues listed

Is there a place where the issues addressed by the minor system updates are listed and explained? That might make it easier to skip them if we are not affected.

I think most people just jump on the first one like this: Hubitat C7 2.2.9 firmware issue - Get Help - Hubitat

And it keeps going till the next minor comes out.

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Yes, the Release Notes category here (and in the wiki, but these are easier to see because you can "subscribe" to the category and be alerted ofnnew posts):

I choose "Watching" from the bell/notification icon in the upper right, which gives me notifications on the forum (might email you too depending on your settings).

The specific thread for 2.2.9 is there, with a new post for each hotfix:


The only thing with the "release notes" posts is they are locked and you can't discuss issues. The first one posted (if they name it well) tends to be the post where all the issues with a version end up landing.

I think the locking is intentional so the category is literally just releases, and it makes the "Tracking" or "Watching" feature (which is frequently recommended as one way to know) useful for seeing when releases of any kind are actually made. I do understand that concern, though it seems like creating a separate thread for your particular issue might be a better approach either way. And I guess right now it's the only option given how things are set up. :smiley: (Along those lines, such issues aren't always related to new releases, from what I've seen, though it's usually the easiest thing to wonder about!)


What I meant was "What is the reason for after" not 2.2.9 compared to 2.2.8.

That's all.

the bottom of the thread.. has incemental relase info.. showing the minor differfences..


I think @Hal3 might be asking why didn't follow maybe. The answer to that is likely the staff DO use every number - but only release the ones that work as desired.

In this specific case there was a problem with .139 and it was withdrawn quickly after release.

@bertabcd1234ā€™s explanation is exactly what OP is looking for, if the question is in general re: how to view detailed release notes for each hotfix.

Yes, every number is used.

However some releases get pulled because of bugs discovered shortly after release. To answer @Hal3's question, there was a between 138 and 140, which I installed during the brief time it was available (it was available for less than 30 minutes):

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Not every number gets released though. We have internal releases that never see the light of day, so there may be gaps in the build number succession. And, once in a while, something bad sneaks through, as happened with 139.


Not really.

I see what I am looking for in the Community announcement thread.

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