Minor changes to Zigbee Details page

Could the parenthetical of device name be split into it's own column?

E.g., instead of:

it might look like this:

Why? It just looks better. Also, I select and copy the table and paste it into a Google Sheet once in a while to sort and filter it, looking for things. It would be nice if the data was already in it's own column.

Pasting into a Sheet also lets me see how many Zigbee devices I have. It would be nice if the Zigbee Details page it included a count on the page. (I'm at 137)

Finally, I would suggest moving the "Reset Zigbee Radio" section to the bottom of the page, below the device table. That's a very rare operation (I've never done it) and it seems weird to have the nuclear option right at the top of the page.

@gopher.ny @mike.maxwell


Ping me again in a couple of weeks... right now, HomeKit takes priority.


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