Milestone in my migration off SmartThings!

Milestone today ! All my zigbee and zwave devices have now been migrated to Hubitat ! :smiley:

I still have SmartThings online for the following:-

  1. ActionTiles : keeping a very close eye on sharptools. I just can’t quite get the same look right now. But eventually I’d imagine this will be the migration path.

  2. an announcement that tells me how many windows I have open when I leave the house. I know there are native Hubitat options. But I’m suffering from the TTS random repeat of the previous TTS message over Sonos that are problematic. I’ve got Alexa TTS working but this is for canned messages rather than dynamic eg I can’t do “you have x windows open”. Keeping a close eye on solutions here...

  3. some left over Routines primarily controlling hue bulbs via Alexa eg “turn off downstairs lights”. These could be moved right now either through Alexa routines or Virtual push buttons and rules(preference so I can still run without Alexa). Is this how folks are building the equivalent of SmartThings routines ?

  4. Arlo: being able to turn off cameras from a virtual switch. Eg my garden camera we disable if we are in the garden.


Think about the following:

  1. ActionTiles isn't coming to HE anytime soon. The developer doesn't see the ROI to this as of yet. I would suggest either using HE's dashboards or look at SharpTools.IO. To be honest ST.IO is about 100x more capable than ActionTiles and it is free.

  2. You should look at @Cobra's Message Central. He has some cool things going on there that have been really helpful for getting over my lack of BigTalker2 on HE. I have Sonos and a Samsung M3 and his TTS solution works on both.

  3. HE has a great feature called group now that enables you to create a virtual switch to multiple physical switches/bulbs/entities. It also enables you to have Alexa control. As an example I have (4) smart switches in my kitchen. I have created an HE group called Kitchen Lights and enabled only that in the HE Alexa Skill. Now when I say "Alexa, turn of kitchen lights" she executes the single virtual switch and the group shuts off. No additional Rules or lighting tasks need to be created to support this scenario.

  4. Look at the IFTTT integration as Arlo, IFTTT and HE all have integration points. I would create a virtual switch that IFTTT is monitoring and then use Rules Manager to toggle that virtual switch on/off for IFTTT commands to execute to IFTTT which then will execute your Arlo task.

Hope this helps! I am also on this great migration journey of 60 of my 70 devices moved over to HE. I am still waiting on Door Lock code abilities, more reliable presence for mobility, Harmony Hub integration and finally one of the ST developers to finish his port of SmartLife RGBw. After that I can say goodbye to ST and their major outages for good.


Thanks for the reply!

  1. Sharptools: I keep coming back to it, but I just can't quote get the same "look and feel" that I've achieved with actiontiles and I find it slightly less responsive, even though actiontiles has the additional hop via smartthings. I keep checking back on this though!

  2. I'll have a look at message central today!

  3. I hadn't spotted the 'group' feature! I'll take a look

  4. Unfortunately, the IFTT integration for Arlo doesn't let you disable a specific camera, I'm looking in to a raspberry pi node-red alternative

On the Harmony front, Ive played around with various options including the kuku harmony/ harmony-api running on a raspberry pi. I found it too flaky and needed restarting frequently. I've now got what appears to be a really stable set up. I'm running node-red (and harmony plugin) on a pi and can activate activities by hitting a url, I have mapped these to virtual switches using a device handler that lets you issue http get's. It is all very responsive and reliable... let me know if you want more details on this!



Have you tried using the ported version of the Smartthings Harmony integration. I also had issues with the kuku harmony, but this app has been solid for months.

It does require a auth token, but if you used this in smartthings, you can just use that token.

Might be worth a try.

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Cheers - I’ll take a look, would eliminate the raspberry pi step

The only real issue I have with HE is the Sonos TTS problem and the 128 Character limit.
Both of which are sorted by leaving my sonos on Smartthings and ‘pushing’ my messages to that.
So.. no repeat problems and no limit on the length of TTS (at least I haven’t found it yet)
( I don’t use sonos for music only TTS)

That way I can still use all my random messages and not worry about keeping them short.

I’m almost done with ST, just a couple more devices then I’ll put it in a metal box to stop interference and just use it for my neato botvacs and TTS (until HE guys get that sorted)


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I recall that you can turn off ST radios. Am I mistaken? Or is my issue that I missed some dry English humor right there? :wink:


You can only disable one of the radios. I forget which one. It's the exact reason I installed my ST hub in and old alarm panel (metal box) while I was transitioning my LAN integrations to HE.


When I only have lan integration, I shall do the same :slight_smile:


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