Migration without losing zwave

Hi - I currently have a C5 and C7 set up, both subscribed to hub protect. Currently my zigbee devices, automations and most integrations are on the C5, while the C7 is used for zwave and some apps.

I'm not ready to do this - but I wondered if it's possible to migrate everything from the C5 to the C7 WITHOUT disturbing all the zwave devices on the C7.

The other wrinkle is that when I first set up the C7 I did a migration that put many of the C5 devices on the C7 - even though i never connected them. In other words, the C7 has copies of the zigbee devices from the C5, but they aren't actually paired or linked to that hub. I've been slowly deleting them but since hubitat doesn't allow any kind of batch operations, it's been a slow process.

So I'm wondering what would happen if I did a migration again - would those be replaced or would I get duplicates?

I'd rather not do this at all, but I wanted to know what to expect should I try to just put everything on the C7.


Zigbee and ZWave devices handle migration differently. ZWave has a changeable node number, Zigbee is fixed in the factory. As a result, Zigbee just needs to be put into paring mode and it will connect to the Hub that is listening for pairing. If there are Rules on that hub that knows about the hard coded Node number, then then it drops right in. Otherwise it just lands as a new device.

So in your example, pick a Zigbee device that is on the C-7 too. Put the C-7 into Zigbee Include and do-the-dance on the device to get it into pairing. You'll see it show up on the C-7 with a "previously known" style of message.

It sounds like you're referring to the pairing process - and I understand that part. But does that also apply to migration? When I did my initial migration to the C7 I only wanted to use the C7 for zwave, so I ignored everything else that got migrated. But many of those devices and integrations are still there. So if I did a migration again, what would happen with those entities?

Again - I'm not asking about subsequent pairing - I'm asking about migration.

Also - if I don't select zwave migration, will the existing zwave devices on the C7 be left alone or removed?

I don't have a complete image of your C-7... you did a migration, of Everything? So all the Zigbee devices are in the C-7 but idle/unused OR.. did you do some "clean up" (deleting some of the Zigbee) and you want to get the C-7 to be Everything once again?

So much is related to how far you've diverged. If the C-7 has a lot of effort added, then migrating again sends you back in time, losing all that work.

If there's not much added, take a backup, do the migration as you suggest, with ZWave deselected. If you don't like it, restore the backup. :smiley:

Yes that was it initially - complete migration, some clean up, other devices still sitting idle.

I was originally going to use the C7 ONLY for zwave - but since then I've actually set up some zigbee on the C7 on a different channel (keeping aqara devices in their own world). And some apps as well - mostly button controllers for the zwave devices.
And as I type that, I realize it would be a big mess if I try to recombine everything. Dang.

Hub protect will move the entire z-wave database. As stated above though the zigbee pairing is fairly painless. When I moved hubs I would remove the devices from the previous hub, and then start pairing on the new hub and it would immediately pick up the previous zigbee device. This was great since I didn't have to touch 36 window sensors. I think I only got up out of my chair for 4 devices out of the roughly 70 zigbee devices I have

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