Migration help needed from HomeBridge/Homekit to HE8

Starting with a new HE8, looks impressive!
Many questions :wink:

I have such a hodgepodge of devices (lots of TreatLife switches and bulbs).
I was wondering if any of the following 'hubs' are still necessary, or can their devices talk directly to HE8:

I started with HomeKit. Using non-home kit-compatible devices, I added Homebridge to manage, and connect to HomeKit. I decided to move on to advanced functionality with HE8. Looking to have Switchbot temp/humidity sensor turn on a TreatLife smart switch (exhaust fan), as well as expand into Node Red to control some DIY blind controllers. One step at a time :wink:

Thanks for any pointers and help!

It helps to think about the underlying protocol/connection that that the hub is capable of making to other devices.

In general, there’s zigbee, z-wave and WiFi/Ethernet (which are both ways to connect to an internet protocol network).

You’ve got quite a mix of devices, as you said, so compatibility with Hubitat varies.

Hue - Uses zigbee but the built-in integration with Hubitat is actually designed to connect to the Hue bridge over your Local Area Network (LAN)

Eve - not personally familiar with the brand, which protocol do the devices use?

IKEA - mostly zigbee devices I think, some are on the hub’s official compatibility list and can pair directly with the hub

Bond - you need the bridge to control RF or IR devices, but there is an integration written by a community developer to allow communication with Hubitat

Blink - proprietary system that will never work without its own sync module. In the past, there have been community-developed integrations with Hubitat but I don’t know the current status of them

Nest - depends on which Nest device

Switchbot - Also can be integrated with the Switchbot hub thanks to a community developer’s work

Leviton - They make a lot of devices, so it depends which protocol yours use. Could be WiFi, or z-wave

Your treatlife bulbs and switches are probably WiFi? If that’s the case, they would need a specific integration like any of the others above that connect to your LAN with WiFi (or Ethernet). I don’t know offhand if there is one for Hubitat.

Depending on how exactly your DIY blind controllers work, it might be possible to integrate with Hubitat directly without needing to use Node Red.


Direct HomeKit compatibility using WiFi and now Matter compatibility using Thread. Hubitat doesn't support Matter or Thread yet .....


Lol I almost mentioned Matter/Thread but with the goal of ignoring them for now.


I’d also point out that Hubitat can be integrated with the Apple Home app a couple different ways.

There is a homebridge plugin, which can bring devices paired with Hubitat into the app. This is useful if you want to continue using devices that are not certified for use with HomeKit.

There’s also the hub’s built-in HomeKit integration, which is on a pathway to getting the hub certified by Apple. That has more restrictions on which devices can be brought into the Home app than Homebridge does though, because of Apple’s rules for certified hubs. And it’s still considered to be in open beta testing.

The house my wife and I bought last fall had treatlife switches. I’m slowly converting them to Lutron, but it is possible to get them into Hubitat. Assuming, you are using either the Smart Life or Tuya Smart app, [BETA] Tuya Cloud Driver (Limited device support) will at least get you a cloud driver that should work. The few remaining switches and dimmers I have are connected that way. It is cloud based by tends to work fairly quickly.