Migration complete. No more SmartThings for me

Started migrating away from ST a few weeks back. I don’t have a ton of items (~60) but was able to do most of it in a few sessions.


  • all bulbs are Hue only.
  • All Zwave devices are on Hubitat.
  • Nest (migrating slowly away from Google - where possible.) is on a starling Hub.
  • All three are integrated with HomeKit.

Things have (knock on wood) been very stable. One finicky GE switch that doesn’t like to be set to a %. But I’ll take it.

This has actually jumpstarted my interest in HA again. Buttons, routines, scenes. I’ve been having fun with it again.

Just sharing as a happy Hubitat user.


I felt the same way when I moved over from ST too. Welcome to Hubitat!


Do you mean Home Automation or Home Assistant?

Home Automation. :grinning:

Also make sure you didn't create any ghosts (look at z-wave details and see if any devices don't have anything in the route column)

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