Migration c5 to c8 while c5 on

I have 4 Hubitats
1 C5 Home
2 C7 Salons
1 new C8

My question is, the C5 that is at home is my other home. I moved that C5 to this home back in July. No issues. I now have a new C8 that I'm putting in my other home where the C5 was before July.

My question is can I make a backup of the C5 which has all my devices from the home where the C5 use to be and upload that to my new C8. Do I have to shut down the C5 at all being this is in a totally different location.



Your description/questions don't tell us if there's any crossover. The C-5 backup has to be the cloud backup, not just the Platform (local) backup to do a full migration. The exact timing isn't clear in your message.

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Not if you power the C-8 at the new location. However, be aware that rebuilding the mesh at the new location may not be successful, even if you relocate all devices you had in place at your current location.

Ok. I have a lot of in wall switchs, motion sensors and lights. So once I make the cloud backup and restore to the C8, things might now work right?

So all my in wall switches, motion sensors, lights are still at the house where the new C8 will be installed. I never took them off the C5 when I moved because I didnt think I'd be back. Well I'm going back with New C8 hub.

"Your description/questions don't tell us if there's any crossover." I'm not sure what that means
"The C-5 backup has to be the cloud backup" Yes, ,this part I knew.
"The exact timing isn't clear in your message." Not sure what is meant by this

If the C-5's cloud backup is exclusively from that other house and there's no "crossover" to your current house, then the migration would be ultra similar to what everyone does. Imagine you sit in the other house, with the C-5 there and working, You click the Cloud Backup (for migration) and then shut down the C-5.

THEN you power up the C-8, there at the other house, do the initial setup and registration, and then restore the cloud backup to complete the migration.

Your situation is, I think, the same except as to the physical location of the hubs when the buttons are clicked. As long as the C-8 powers up, after the migration step, in the house where all of its Joined devices exist, how would it know it went through a little drive in your car a time or two?

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