Migrating motion detection app from Room Lighting to Rule Machine

I wanted to migrate a rule from room lighting to rule machine, as I find it easier to understand and debug actions in Rule Machine than Room Lighting. Could someone compare the two below to see that I did it correctly, or give advice for improvement? I did change the timeout after no motion to one minute from 4 minutes.

Goals of this rule: don't activate if light manually turned on, turn off light after 1 minute of inactivity, turn off light if no messages from motion detectors for 4 minutes (one of the detectors fails to send an "inactive" message on occasion, so the light would stay on indefinitely).

Room Lighting version:

Rule Machine version:

Looks like I made an error in the wait for expression. As written, looks like it waits for either motion detector to be quiet for 3 minutes, rather than both. Is that correct? I don't see any way to wait for both in a single conditional expression, so I broke it into two tests below, which I believe is now correct.

First, I'd suggest using the Zone Motion Controller app to group your motion sensors. There are 3 types of Zones - here's a Motion Aggregation I have set up, for example:

The Zone with it's own timeout helps to simplify such Rules.

Er. . . I don't have a "second" at this second. . . [Doh]


Does the timeout also work with detectors that only send "motion" events and not "inactive" events?

I have an Aqara motion sensor in a group along with 3 Hues. I've matched the motion reset to 10s (indicate motion for 10s after being triggered) to copy the Hue sensor reset, and it seems to be working fine. I haven't had cause to look at it closely, the lights still react the same (only, that one dead area ain't dead anymore).

I only just received 2 Aqara motion sensors with that type of motion triggering, so that's about the extent of my experience with that type.