Migrating from Smartthings - Lock Code Automation with multiple locks

Hi there! I have just taken the first step in migrating from Smartthings to Hubitat after outgrowing Smartthings and getting frustrated with outages (the usual story).

I have most of my devices up and running the only bit I am stuggling with is getting an edge use case up and running.

on Smartthings I used the Lock User Manager from RBoyApps which enables me to have a user enter a code on a Yale keypad, and this either opens just the keypad lock for couriers etc to get into the garden, OR for trusted people it opens the Keypad lock into the garden AND the front door lock.

What would be the best way of getting such functionality up and running? I have both locks linked and have installed the Lock Code Manager but can't figure out a way triggering actions / automations based on the user / lock code used.

thanks for the help!

I did something similar for my housekeeper. I wrote a small rule in RuleMachine. Trigger: when door lock changes. Then check if the door was opened and then compare which last lock code was used. I complicated it with mode changes and the needed else cases and the end-if

I did something like this to turn on the outside lights, versus just unlocking the door. I created a lock code in LCM and named it "Lights on". I then used rule machine with the trigger being "lock codes" and selected the "Lights on" code as the trigger for the automation. You could have a lock code named "Trusted" and a different code named "Couriers", or whatever. Create two rules, one for each lock code, that way it is more secure and less likely to get confusing. Using "Lock Codes" as the trigger means not having to see what the last lock code entered was. It will only be triggered when the specific lock code is entered on the keypad.


Also, the same lock code can have different actions when used on different locks, or different time of day, etc.

Perfect thanks both, this looks pretty doable!

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