Migrating from one IP range / network to another

So my ISP changed, and the new ISP gave me some REALLY nice WiFi 6 mesh routers instead of my old AC1750 stuff that was actually struggling to keep up with the load I am putting it under.

For now I am effectively split into 2 networks. Network A, with let's say a private IP of etc... and Network B which is my old one with a private IP of etc...

My hubitat is wired, and given a fixed address.

I would like to migrate over to the new router in the smoothest manner possible.

The hubitat is one of hte VERY few items that has a fixed IP, I am thinking simply re-IP the Hubitat, reboot and while it is rebooting move the uplink cable from my network switch from old router to new.

Am I thinking right or is there more that Hubitat needs to be happy?

Yes, just let it finish rebooting on old network then move the cable. Why risk in the middle of a reboot.

Why not just change the IP address and then shut down the hub? When the red light comes on, move it to its new network. Then pull the power to the hub and plug it in again.

I think what I'd do is change it to DHCP as a transitionary state, let it get its new IP on the old connection (if it's going to bother), then reconnect to new, then after it's settled on the new network, set up the fixed IP again. More hassle but just feels a bit less hazardous.

Simply turn off the old router. On the new router go into setup and change the network to match the old. DHCP server portion should also be updated. For the future, instead of setting a static ip on the hub itself, set a dhcp reservation instead. That way no matter what happens you can control things a bit easier.

...depending how good your router is. Don't try it on a Hub One.

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