Migrating from IRIS, I'm a little lost on cameras

With IRIS, cameras were plug and play and I never looked back. Now I'm not so sure the integration with cameras. It looks like I need to either select a camera system, like Arlo, that has its own ecosystem or use stand alone cameras that I can add to Hubitat. Is that correct? I still have V2 IRIS camera, which it sounds like I can still use and pair. I'm really trying to stay on the ethernet for cameras. Any suggestions on options and how to integrate. My apologies if I overlooked something like this already.

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So far, there is no "official" support for cameras on HE. There are community solutions for adding various IP cameras to HE, but nothing that is official. I haven't seen or heard anything from the HE team about their plans for adding cameras, but I'm hopeful that it is on the roadmap.


Personally, I use a local DVR system (Amcrest) with wired POE cameras and then interface that into HE using Blue Iris. It works really well, is completely local, and gives me additional motion sensors in HE.

One thing you might want to look into instead of Arlo cameras would be Wyze cameras instead. They are cheaper (by literally HUNDREDS of dollars) and you can add local recording by inserting SD cards into the cameras themselves.

Ok great I will start there. Thanks for the info. By chance, if I were to use something like the Wyze and record to the camera SD, would that have any effect on my wifi speeds? Or am I overthinking it.

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Nope. Because Wyze records locally to each camera you have, it doesn't touch your network at all until you use the app to view the recordings (or live view the cameras).

You're overthinking it. :slight_smile:

I have an Amcrest system also and I've never had a Blue Iris. How are you linking the two?

Blue Iris supports RTSP and ONVIF. I have all my cameras setup as RTSP feeds and BI consumes them.

Then I use @bptworld's BI Control app ([RELEASE] BI Control - Local Blue Iris control) to tie HSM modes to BI profiles. For the reverse (using cameras as motion sensors), I have rules setup in RM using the local endpoint trigger and BI sending alerts to that endpoint.

Finally, I have Pushover alert sent and AlexaTTS speak a message whenever one of my cameras gets triggered.

Works a treat!

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Ah...for some reason I had a brain fart as associated BI with Iris (lots of discussion on the boards recently). I am on a Mac so I'll have to look into some alternatives, but I appreciate the unintended nudge to get my cameras into HE!!!

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I might have a solution for you. Take a look at Shinobi (https://shinobi.video). It's a nodejs based camera manager with a lot of the same features as BI. Pretty much the same learning curve as well. You'll have to do some HE/Groovy magic (you could probably hit up @bptworld for some help in that department), but you should be able to accomplish something pretty close to the BI/HE solution.

Best part is that it runs on a Mac. :slight_smile:

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