Migrating *from* C-8 *to* C-7

This was my thinking as well. If this is not possible, I have even less reason to upgrade to a C-8 (and a second standby C-8). :man_shrugging:

Well with the migration from the c5/c7 to the c8 both z-wave and zigbee are migrated...

Right, but I would run into issues with being able to swap in a spare C-8 in case of one going down. So I would still be in the same boat (mostly) of needing to re-pair all the Zigbee devices. Yes, migration to C-8 is easier, but right now I don't have a burning need to get the C-8 (other than to have the latest model). "Disaster" recovery was one thought. But I can't justify it right now if it's not going to be any better than C-7 with the yearly subscription when it comes to recovering from a hardware failure. It's all good. I'm sure I will upgrade to the C-8 at some point. Just won't be very soon unless something changes.

You can restore from a c8 cloud back up to a c8 without having to re pair anything though. You just can't have failover.

That seems counter to what @bravenel says a few posts up -- if time passes (with the ZigBee radio on) between the backup and the hub being shut down, a restore will need to re-pair ZigBee devices.

You can't have a live backup. You can restore from cloud

So if you backup a c8 to the cloud, and it backs up both radios, (c8 only) and the c8 dies and you get another c8, you can't restore the zigbee radio back to the new c8 replacement?

Count me confused as well...I guess what I thought I understood was that what the C8 provided in terms of enhancements of the backup feature, was that we would be able to restore a cloud backup and everything would just work, no need to re-pair any Zigbee devices (Z-Wave already worked on cloud backups for the C7).

Some of this discussion sounds like I may have misunderstood that.

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So "full" restore (working Z-Wave & Zigbee, no re-pairing) only happens if you create the backup, promptly shut down the radios and then the hub (so no updates to counters can occur) and then do the restore to the new C8?

If you have a C8 die, and your last backup was a week ago, or I guess even just a day ago, then counters have updated so you'll need to re-pair Zigbee after restoring a backup.

If the source hub is still running, how long after a backup is the backup "fresh" and able to restore ZIgbee w/out re-pairing? A few minutes and counters have changed, an hour, or ?

So if you reset the zigbee radio in an existing hub prior to restore or have a new hub with a blank state vs an existing radio, you could restore the cloud backed up zigbee radio and it should work with actuators or am I still not getting it?

Incidentally, these problems don't apply to Z-Wave. Z-Wave radios can be backed up and restored -- just not Zigbee.

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A point of clarification for me? Can you "migrate" from a C8 recent cloud backup to a new C8? I guess I don't understand why that would be different from the C7 to C8 migration I recently performed.

Hey everyone, I was wrong above. Mea culpa.

@mike.maxwell worked out a method where a Zigbee cloud backup will work, even after some time. The hub updates the counter beyond where the device counter should actually be, for normal devices. So these devices will not have to be re-joined after a backup.


Don't you hate it when your team goes out and exceeds expectations to prove you wrong. :rofl:

Excellent work @mike.maxwell !!


Thanx for clearing everything up. You guys have done such a fantastic job on everything with the C8... Also appreciate your direct involvement in things as the Prez in charge to make sure we all understand what's up... :slight_smile: Now get yerself some burbon, it's 5 o'clock somewhere


The moral of this story is purchase Hub Protect and do a cloud backup when lightning and thunder are on the way.

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This sounds counter "intuitive".......crickets....

I'll show myself out now....

Is this zigbee restore "tweak" part of a hub software update?

It's in the 2.3.4 and later releases.


Awesome sauce :slight_smile:

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