Migrating C4 to C7

Is it an easy few clicks job?


You would take a back up of your old hub. Then restore it on you new C7 then have to do a special procedure to follow and reset/ rejoin all your devices.

Check out Bruce's guide.


And...suggest you wait a bit until a new FW is released that addresses the C7 Zwave issues. S/b coming soon....

Given that 8 months has passed, is there an easy way to migrate C4 to C7 that consists of mostly Zigbee devices and only a few Z-Wave devices? I see a lot about Z-Wave, but not much at all about migrating Zigbee.

Also, will migrating also migrate my virtual devices?

What about Hub Link/Link to Hub? I have been using that since I set up the separate C5 hub for Iris V1 devices. Will that continue to work? I'm still not clear on the difference between Hub Link/Link to Hub and Hub Mesh.

It’s pretty easy, which is why you don’t see much. Just make a backup on th C-4, restore it to the C-7, then:

Yes, they come with the DB restore.

Yes, but most use Hub Connect now.

Different technology. Hub mesh is local network only. Hub Connect can span across network boundaries, useful for hubs in different locations. Hub Mesh is only Hubitat to Hubitat, and both hubs have to have same firmware Rev. Hub Connect can pull in devices from SmartThngs. Hub Mesh is a work in progress.

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Hub link/ link to hub has been superseded by hub mesh. Hub mesh you don't need to install drivers or apps as it's already there. It shares everything rather than only bits of the devices. It's much more efficient and fast. As above hub mesh only works with Hubitat hubs and only works when they are on the same network. If you need to share devices from different networks then hubconnect is what you want.

You can also use both, but I would remove hub link/ link to hub.

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So, if I remove Hub Link/Link to Hub and activate Hub Mesh, will my devices that are on one hub still show up and work as expected, or will I need to go through and re-do anything that is using the Hub Link/Link to Hub?

I think your need to do this, but it will be much easier and better in the long term.

Well, I did have to do this. However, it was not as hard as I expected. I had to create the token on each hub and copy it to the other before my Iris V1 outlets would respond. I'm glad it wasn't harder.

Now to migrate everything on the C4 hub to the new C7 hub.

Given that I can't use the cloud migration for the C4 to C7, I think I have gathered enough information to do so manually. Anyone with experience, please check and see if I have this correct.

  1. Make sure both current C4 and C5 hubs are up to date.
  2. Download a database backup to computer from the C4 hub
  3. Shut down C4 hub.
  4. Boot up C7 hub. Configure to use the same IP address that the C4 hub was using.
  5. Update the C7 hub to the latest firmware (same as C5).
  6. Restore local backup from computer that was created in step 2.
  7. Reset Zigbee devices.
  8. Run the Zigbee discovery to discover and activate Zigbee devices.
  9. Use the C5 hub to exclude the Z-Wave devices.
  10. Reset Z-Wave devices
  11. Run Z-Wave discovery to discover and activate the Z-Wave devices.
  12. Hope I got it right and everything works.

As for the Google Home Mini, is the Chromecast Integration (beta)still required or is it now just installed like a regular device?

Thanks in advance.

The Zigbee stuff looks right. For the Z-Wave, manual migration is described here. It avoids damaging your Rules, etc. It worked for me.

Wish I could help, but I don't use Google Home.