Migrating a Z-Wave Network

Thanks Bruce.

On the other hand, if it's not possible to obtain radio information from the Nortek, how come I can use it sucessfully on OpenHAB to control z-wave devices contained in it?

I have tried almost everything under the sun capable of managing z-wave (Vera, Homeseer, Indigo, Hubitat, HomeAssistant and OpenHAB) ALL but HE are capable of importing devices already written to the USB stick EPROM.

When you add the Nortek to OpenHAB and install the z-wave add-on, the operating system automatically IMPORTS everything already in the z-wave stick EPROM, which leads to the conclusion that if it's still not possible for Hubitat Elevation to do the same, it's probably because the developers have not yet developed a way to import z-wave devices already in a controller.

Full disclaimer: I do not understand the first thing about software development, so I'm willing to concede that I may be wrong in my statement above, but... if other solutions developers can do it, I'm willing to make an educated guess that HE developers can do it too, if only they would be willing to do it in the first place...

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A a C-4 owner, this will help as I'd really like to upgrade to a C-7. However I still feel the pain of having to repeat the procedure for 15 devices. It's gonna take a while to decide to make the jump.

15 devices will go quick. There's some people with over 200 devices.


Mine was 85 Z-Wave devices. I did it in 3 groups, plus a few unimportant stragglers. I ran both hubs at the same time, so that my house stayed running normally. For the most part it was pretty straight forward. In a couple of cases I had the same automation running on both hubs, with some of the devices controlled by one hub and the others by the other hub. I did this before we had the radio backup and restore working, as we were working on C-7.

Z-wave migrations make me want to move over to Zigbee. With Amazon, Google, and Apple endorsing Zigbee, it might be a matter of time before Zigbee is the defacto standard in the USA.


Out of curiosity, would the new functionality on the c-7 to replace a failed zwave node also help in migrating devices over? Not sure if Iā€™m misunderstanding the feature or not.


Will it be possible for me to move from a C-3 to a C-7 using the same steps for z-wave above including transferring my zigbee devices?

Answered in another topic by @bravenel .

Wouldn't the node have to exist in the z-wave radio first? As opposed to the hub device database.



My threshold for pain is lower, Sir :smiley:

I suspect the above will create a "ghost", I heard the hub is supposed to remove ghosts automatically, but that has not been my experience with my C4 hub, and both a Zstick & Aeon Stick found ghosts, removed a long time ago(months)

No, this doesn't create ghosts.

Thanks for the clarification.
Did you ship my C7 hub yet??

Just kidding, you can't possibly keep track of 16000 orders in your head

I wasn't able to make this technique work for ZooZ Z16 MultiRelay because I couldn't edit the DNI on the subsidiary devices.

Yep. Also, won't work for S0 locks.

Hey Bruce, is there any particular significance to the 'X' or the 'B'?

I.E. would 'x' and 'y' work just as well?

For the "X" no, doesn't matter. For the "B", must be a valid hex number, but you want one large enough not to collide with assigned DNIs for Z-Wave.

Thanks Bruce. Much appreciated.

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