HE Hardware Revision C-3?

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Quick question, with the new release of the "C-5" hardware revision I notice the FAQ says the original version is referenced as "C-4" but I notice my HE says it's revision "C-3"? Was there a "silent" revision at some point?


Thanks in advance!

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Mine is a C-3 as well.

Mine is a C-4

I bet the C-4's are when the hubs gained the Hubitat logo on top.

Ooh, we have super exclusive stealth models! Nice..... :joy:

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I suspect you're right. The very early hubs don't have much branding--the hand-painted "#26" on the bottom of mine is the only added touch besides the MAC address sticker (though I guess there is the "Hubitat" label covering the Nortek branding on the USB stick). That shows as a "C-3." A hub I ordered much later for testing/development has the spiffy logo on top and shows as a "C-4."

Clearly, I need to order a "C-5" to complete this picture. :rofl:


Could you guys upload a picture of the C-3? Will be nice to see the very first product.

The C-3 looks identical to the C-4 except the C-4 has the Hubitat logo.

I'm wondering the difference between my C-3 and the new C-5 as well.

Models C-3 and C-4 were identical but for the logo printed on the case.


I have hub #3 of type C-3, it is a simple black box with no logos ... works like a champ!