Migrated to C8 - Maker API to Home Assistant Problem


I just migrated from c5 to c8. Right now, my biggest problem is Maker API for Home Assistant doesn't work at all.

Home Assistant doesn't see any devices' latest status or updates from new Habitat c8 hub. The Maker API used to work on c5 flawlessly.

Can you please tell me how I can fix it? I really don't want to delete my old c5 HUB from Home Assistant? Or I hope not to make a new Token. Please help and advise.

Did you give your C8 the same IP address as your old C5, or does the C8 have a new IP address?

When i migrated from my C7 to the C8, my Maker API continued to work once I updated the IP address in HA point to the C8 (I gave the C8 a new static IP address)

The first thing I did before hitting migrate button was to assign same static IP address to the new hub. The old hub had been shutdown as soon as c5 hub uploaded the backup to the cloud.

Ok. Don't know what's going on. After 1.5 hour wait and multiple reboots, Maker API on new c8 can talk to Home Assistant, and all devices from c8 are reporting to HA. Don't know what really happened.