Migrated from Node-red to Rule machine

I have moved my automations off node-red to rule machine. I don't believe they are very complex rules. I have multiple C7's (all with the antenna modification) a c8 and a c8 pro (I thought this would speed up stuff, it didn't). I don't use hub mesh to any great extent, probably 5 shared devices, the rules are based on the devices that are on the hubs.

These automations are much slower running on the HE hubs. most of the rules that are slow are motion rules, using Aeotec MS7 for the trigger devices, they are mounted in the ceiling and have slow connections but are directly connected. Sometimes they are snappy but other times they take seconds to turn on lights. I don't have ghosts all devices are directly connected.

Anyone have a suggestion on what I can do to troubleshoot what is going on? Thanks,.

Turn on all the logging on the device(s) and RM, then you can see the timing of what happens. Use that to determine if the delay is with the device reporting, or RM processing the actions, or the other devices responding to the actions.

Do you feel like it got worse after moving from Node-Red to RM? I would expect the opposite, if even by only a few ms. Since RM is all local to the hub it should be able to react faster than sending the events back and forth with NR. RM typically runs very quick.

Ok, I won't have access til next week but will do it then, It is definitely slower. and I agree with you, logically it should be quicker.