Migrated C-7 to C-8 Pro, now how do I re-enable the C-7 to do other things?

My new C-8 Pro is up and running and checked out and I set the static IP the same as the C-7 was. The C-7 is turned off and unplugged, so how do I get the C-7 to where I can change the IP address to something else and change the Zigbee channel without messing up all my devices paired with the C-8? Do I need to turn off Zwave radio or just reset it?


Have you already looked at the docs where there are some instructions for how to reset the old hub?

I followed those steps when I upgraded and now have my C7 running cloud integrations with both radios off.

If you have Hub Protect I'd transfer that to the C8 first. You can do that via the Subscriptions tab on your hub. Use the Transfer Subscription option.

Go to Subscriptions tab and select My Account and then Registered Hubs - use the Transfer Subscription option:

2024-04-20 12_33_30-C8, C7, Hubs

Next I'd check your C8 and confirm the Zigbee channel it is using on the Settings> Zigbee Details page - it should have been assigned to the same channel as Zigbee your C7 was.

On your router set a new reservation for the C7...you'll find the MAC address of the C7 on a sticker on the back of it.

Then best if you take a look at your Wi-Fi setup and determine what your 2.4GHz Wi-Fi channel is (and if you have close neighbors what Wi-Fi channels they are using)...then you can plan ahead to set your C7 to a Zigbee channel that doesn't conflict w/the C8 or your 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi. It's usually best to put Wi-Fi down on 1 or 6, and Zigbee up towards 20 & 25, but depends on your enivironment.

So once you have a plan for your C7 Zigbee channel, boot up the C7 and first thing I would go to Zigbee settings and set the channel to your desired channel to avoid the C7 Zigbee trying to mess w/ your Zigbee devices you've moved to the C8. (Z-Wave does not a similar issue.)

Then go to Hub Diagnostic tool at hupIP:8081 and perform a full reset:

Select Advanced mode:

Select Full Reset:
2024-04-20 12_19_44-C8, C7, Hubs

After the reset you will need to re-register your hub to your HE account when it starts up. Confirm it's getting the correct IP and your Z-Wave and Zigbee Details tables are empty.

Now you're ready to use the C7 alongside the C8.

FYI - Once you do the reset, if you had Hub Protect on the C7 originally you will lose access to your C7 Cloud Backups, so you won't have the option to restore your setup back to the C7 after the full reset. If you didn't have Hub Protect on the C7 and you migrated via the free migration backup that's not an issue.

Not sure I saw a direct answer for this question, but you'll either need to temporarily turn off the C-8 or perform a network reset on the C-7 (which does require it to be powered on) so you can access it via DHCP again. Any other kind of reset you'd do requires network access to the hub, so you'll likely have to start with one of these (unless you can bring it on another network where this won't be a conflict--unlikely for most users' home setups, though not impossible).

Another reason I like DCHP reservations on my router instead of on-device static IPs, but that's another story. :smiley:


Good point - I assumed he'd set a reservation on the router, but the wording does sound more like he set it on the hub network settings now that I look at it again.

As you note, he should be able to plug in the C7, and then do the network reset button on the bottom of the hub and let it find an available IP via DHCP if he isn't comfortable setting an IP reservation on the hub. Should be able to continue from that point...then use find my hub (http://find.hubitat.com/) to locate the C7 on his network.

Yes I did review them, but was concerned about duplicate IP addresses and how to manage that. Thanks for the info.

OK I think the reset button is the easiest way to go, didn't think of that. Thanks for all the responses. Always nice to have knowledgeable folks around!


I will be bugging you all of June , August and September :smile:

So - I also have a C-7 that I would like to reuse.
I've followed all of the advice above, but with the latest firmware in the C-7 there is no longer a "reset" button for the Zigbee radio.
I removed all the devices from the device list on the C-7, it was clear. I also made sure the radio was on a different channel to the C-8.
Next day (after the C-7 had been running overnight) I've come back to it and found the device list populated again. - Is there no simple way to factory reset the C-7?
I want to add a few Zigbee devices to it and use hub mesh so they can be seen from the C-8 too.

This is covered at the end of the docs:

If you don't see what it's talking about there, make sure your Diagnostic Tool is up-to-date with the instructions at the end of this document: Hubitat Diagnostic Tool | Hubitat Documentation

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