Migrate to C8 Pro hub

I wanted to take this opportunity to compliment the Hubitat staff on their development of the migration process from the C8 hub to the C8Pro. I understand that in the early weeks after release of the C8 Pro that there were some issues with the migration process. I upgraded from the C7 to the C8 shortly after the C8 was released. Although that transition went well, there were a few minor issues due to the upgrading of the Z-wave chip. I took advantage of the July 4th sale to upgrade to the C8 Pro. My C8, like the C7 before it, was functioning well, but who does not want a faster CPU and more memory. I made a cloud backup of my C8 hub and loaded that backup into the new C8 Pro. I shut down the old hub, plugged in the new hub and went through the startup and registration process. It was quite painless. The best thing to say is that my wife never realized I had installed a new hub; everything worked normally. Well done Hubitat staff

The most notable difference when using the C8 Pro is that the web interface is much snappier. There is almost no delay when loading pages. That is a real treat.