Migrate from C5 to C7

I am currently running a C5 and it's running smoothly but I've got an itchy finger! I had bought a C7 thinking I would upgrade to it but a little hesitant becuase things are running smoothly on my C5 and I thought it would be good to have a backup hub on hand if something drastic were to happen to my C5.

Should I pull the trigger and migrate to the C7? Is there enough benefit to outweigh potential issues when I currently have none? I've been reading reports that controlling multiple z-wave devices at once is more reliable on the C7 vs the C5 which is enticing becuase I have a couple of rules where, for instance, if there alarm is activated or the smoke detectors activate, a bunch of lights come on and the doors unlock if we are home which does bog down my current C5.

If I upgraded to the C7, could my old C5 still act as a backup or would it be too messy going from a C7 down to a C5?

The main benefits for the C7 is the longer range of the 700 series chip,. better database management of z-wave (though if you transfer your z-wave radio to the new one and it has a problem the problem will transfer with it). Details are better visually. You can go back to the c5....

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