Migrate Aubric RGB Wifi Controller from MagicHome to HE

I bought two of these from Amazon and they've been working well for 6 months:

Aubric Wifi Controller

I just got my Hubitat Elevation and I'd like to control from HE instead of the MagicHome app that the manual indicated should be used.

I installed a driver I found reference on this forum:

Under type, I found the device "MagicHome Wifi-- Controller (RGB) which seems right.

MagicHome shows CD5E2C and CDC5F8 as device names. Do I use those?

I found the Ip address for CD5E2C and set that up, but I can't find anything about port being used in the MagicHome app. So, Ieft that at 5577.

The logs showed many failed attempts to connect, but it finally succeeded. Now I see the correct device state under devices when I turn the controller on and off using the MagicHome app. Yeah!

So, I tried doing the same for the second RGB controller. Different IP address and device name of course, but attempts to connect fail:

I can ping


I can still control the device with the MagicHome app.

Do I have to put the device in a discovery mode? (I didn't do that with the first one that eventually connected).

Finally it connected. It took about 10 minutes.

Is this normal, or doe it indicate the devices have a poor quality wifi connection to the router?