Mic drop

This is comedy gold right here...


I can certainly say that I am very, very happy to have chosen Hubitat when I decided to leave Wink several years back! It was a close call at the time… would have been a super easy decision had I known then what I know now.


Boom :boom:

I still use ST to handle the Ikea stuff Hubitat doesn't currently support.

Hopefully once Ikea and Hubitat do their respective Matter things, I'll be able to move everything to my Dirigera hub.

Curious who Paul and Hector are; they seem well liked :rofl:

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Hahaha, I was thinking the same thing.

I think I got banned by Paul on winks user group for moving my toe the wrong way :rofl:


They run the main Wink users group and if you disagree with anything they say you get banhammered....

I'm angry that wink is down again - banned
I'm thinking of leaving wink - banned
Why are people getting banned? - banned

That said, someone just called Hubitat a cult... :rofl:


Well, they might be right… compared to Wink, Hubitat is almost a god like device! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I was banned a couple of years ago for some obscure infraction. It is somewhat incomprehensible that people pay to hang on to an abusive level of service.


They better be careful. With only 10 people left using wink. They will end up with everyone banned and no community.

Sounds like a textbook case of Stokholm syndrome.


I had to install the SmartThings app today to control a new sound bar for my TV… I felt a little dirty pressing the install button, potentially the Hubitat gods will smite me down for my transgression.


Sounds like this could be where they are heading....


Ha was an ST user lol so I would agree.

Thank you for the Youtube clip.

Asking a question here in all seriousness…..

I watched that goof Paul Hibbert (I think that’s his name) and he is now recommending the C8 hub over home assistant.

Can I ask if the C8 is any good now with the fibaro 223 double switches?

The only reason I dumped my C7 as the zwave on fibaro devices was awful however they work 99% on home assistant with the Aeotec 7 usb.

Love the community here but need a rock solid device.

I'd recommend starting a new thread, as your question, while very valid, is completely off-topic for this particular thread. You'll get much better support from a dedicated thread titled something like "Fibaro 223 double switches + Hubitat C-8 ?"


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