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If anyone knows of compatible DIY-scale Hubitat items, please sing out.

  1. An inexpensive home-user UPS w/ NUT. Back in the '80's, IT closets had servers and related critical equipment behind uninterrupted power supply battery backup tied to network UPS tools. This old man is amazed he cannot find anything similar today to hang HE and my router on, sans bananas and raspberry Pi, forty years later. I'm not talking about a power out device, but a x-time count or percentage UPS battery life remaining interface.

  2. An uniterrupted line-of-sight sensor like garage door openers have had for years. I would like to know if anything is specifically between or crosses between points A & B, not track from an array of motion sensors.


For 1.
try this

for #2 I have no ideas

You could probably use one of these:

And have it trigger a zigbee/z-wave contact sensor or something similar. It would be a DIY project however.

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I've got NUT running on a couple of boxes that have inexpensive UPS. They report all the stats you mention and more to MQTT and I wrote a very simple mqtt driver for Hubitat. I never look at the UPS stats myself. NUT was harder to do than the Hubitat driver.

You could use an ultrasonic sensor or laser distance sensor on hubduino if you want to do line-of-sight. Why is this topic in time out?

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The topic was to vent my spleen, ergo home in Rome.

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