Mi connector with roborock S7

Hello guys!

I have been using the mi connector for a year with my old Roborock vaacuum S1. It worked perfect.
Now i have the new S7 pro ultra and i want to integrate it.
I know it is not supported but i saw that others successfully integrated the S6 with some code update in the APP.
So i tried it but it not working.

Can somebody help me with some step by step solution how to make it work?

Thank you very much!


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I'd love to find a way to connect the Roborock S7 to Hubitat. So far, I haven't seen anyone find a way other than using alexa or google, neither of which are options for me, I don't know any of those corporate assistants.

Thanks so much,

But with alexa i cannot get information back to hubitat.
I need to know when the robot finishes the cleaning.
So i can trigger a switch.

Is it possible with alexa?

Contact sensor on the vac and magnet on the base station?

Probably the only way with Alexa or Google. Could also look at using a Smartthings multisensor to monitor vibration. I used this on an old Irobot and placed it so it would track when the bin was emptied with the contact sensor too. Was really helpful to know if the robot was done, or got stuck. Also was nice to remind me to dump it if I forgot earlier in the day. Not the cleanest solution, but considering how these vacuum devices don't want to openly integrate, it was the best option.

I currently have 2 Roborocks and use the Alexa integration with a virtual contact sensor to tell them to run everyday. Nice because I can tell them to run not only based on time, but on other conditions like whether anyone is home, or if I have guests over.

But there is a way to edit the Mi connector APP to support some unsupported versions of roborock.
I saw some solutions on the forum but it did not worked for me.

I need somebody who did it successfully.

If you post this in the original Mi Connector thread, maybe someone in there that is monitoring the topic will have a solution? I might also be interested as I have an S7+, especially a way to start it from HE when everyone is gone instead of having a fix schedule.

There is another integration, though from what I remember it was not the greatest and didn't offer me personally much more than being able to trigger it dynamically. I can't help you there, unfortunately, but hopefully someone else is able to get you on the right path. My guess is, the integration might not support the newer vacuums yet, and may require updates to support them. I have a S6 and a Q5, and the interfaces between them in the Roborock app is significantly different. This leads me to believe they changed a lot of things on their end when adding all these new features to the vacs.

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