Methods for automated verification that devices responded to Rules

I have tinkered with a variety of combinations of Simple Automation rules and Rule Machine rules to turn several lights on/off at sunset/sunrise. I have experienced a variety of success rates with various configurations, at the moment I have two individual Simple Rules (one each for Sunset / Sunrise) which so far seems like the way that delivers the most reliable success with my switches. I have 4 switches in the rules, and I would estimate there is perhaps an 85% success rate for all circuits - many days all 4 work fine, but some days 1 or more will not actually turn on/off, and there seems to be no pattern or predictability as to which one(s) will fail. If I manually command the failed switches, they will (eventually) respond, and I always have reliable status indications for their current states, but they simply aren't 100% reliable.
I guess there are two questions here: 1) how can I improve the response reliability of my devices? (signal strength does not seem to be an issue.) 2) is there a good way to perform automated checks on devices after an event has fired? like perhaps a while-false loop that checks the status and attempts to correct an issue if found?

I had a simple automation rule I was diagnosing the other day that used a group with a combination of dimmable and non-dimmable devices. I noticed when I used SAR I did not always have good results when I use the "turn on and set level" function whereas using RM to send "turn on" and then "set level" worked fine. When I used scenes to accomplish the same thing with SAR it worked fine. Since I got it to work with scenes I didn't keep trying to figure out another solution.

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