Messages or Notifications to my iPhone

I've gotten all of my ST devices migrated to HE. I have HSM setup with some simple rules. My iPhone is set up as a WiFi presence sensor. I would like to send my iPhone a reminder list of things to check when my status goes from present to not present. It's me, but I am still not understanding how to set up notifications or messaging to my iPhone. Would some patient person please give me a step-by-step for getting this running? Thanks.

OK, so within your list of Hubitat Devices, you should have one for your mobile phone that is running the Hubitat Mobile App, correct? This device serves two purposes - First, it is the geolocation "Presence" device for your phone, as you have already found. Second, it is capable of being used as a "Notification" device to send Push notifications to your mobile phone. You should be able to open up this device on your Hubitat hub, and type in a message to the "Device Notification" command button. Pressing this button will cause the push notification to appear on your phone.

Assuming that is working correctly, you are now ready to use this "Notification" device within any of the Hubitat Apps. Most apps allow you to "Send or Speak" a notification. Within this option, you will be offered an option to select your mobile phone device and to enter whatever text you would like sent.

Hope this helps.

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No, I didn't have Hubitat Mobile running on my phone. That is the piece I was missing. Thanks for pointing that out for me.

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