Meross -> SmartThings -> Hubitat

I had been using IFTTT and virtual devices to control the garage door with Hubitat. But now that will require IFTTT Pro. Since that would be the only thing I would be using it for, I'd like to save a couple bucks a month.

The new SmartThings app can connect to Meross garage door openers via the cloud. I tried installing the Garage Door drivers to connect the Meross opener to the SmartThings hub, and then to Hubitat with HubConnect, but I can't see the Garage Door device listed as available to "synchronize to Server hub."

Has anyone else tried to get this to work?

(Not helpful: suggestions to get a Z-wave garage door opener instead.)

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Probably the easiest thing to do is, setup an automation in ST that uses a virtual switch to initiate the automation, Then share the virtual switch with HE though hubconnect..

That is what I do with my Leviosa shades.

That's working perfectly. Thanks!

I didn't realize SmartThings supported virtual devices. Game changer!

I realize you already have something in place, but for $32 (and even less at times) you might consider adding this in addition to the Meross. The best of both worlds. You would have local control via Hubitat, and independent cloud control via Meross.

There are cheaper ways to do this with a relay and a smart plug (outlet) you have one laying around too.

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