Meross LED Light Strips Integration to Hubitat

Hello There, I own quite a bit of Meross LED Light Strips and they work great!, but since i purchased my Hubitat Hub, I would like to find a way to integrate them.

Has anybody already looked into this that can provide guidance?


I don't have the Meross light strips, but I do have some Meross smart Wi-Fi plugs and so if there is a Meross integration I would be interested in getting it, too.

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Same here on the plug integration!

I ended up doing a workaround for these. There are drivers for "virtual motion sensors with switch" that you can install in Hubitat. I used them to create a virtual motion sensor switch which I then imported into Alexa. Within Alexa I created routines that involved turning on/off my Meross Smart Plugs in response to the virtual motion sensor switch being turned on and off. So I turn on/off the virtual motion sensor switch within Hubitat or within Alexa working through Hubitat, and the Alexa-only device responds appropriately.

This way, I can create controls in my dashboards for the Alexa-only devices like the Meross Smart Plugs, and it works flawlessly, although it requires that Alexa be connected to the internet.

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