Meross LED Light Strips Integration to Hubitat

Hello There, I own quite a bit of Meross LED Light Strips and they work great!, but since i purchased my Hubitat Hub, I would like to find a way to integrate them.

Has anybody already looked into this that can provide guidance?


I don't have the Meross light strips, but I do have some Meross smart Wi-Fi plugs and so if there is a Meross integration I would be interested in getting it, too.

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Same here on the plug integration!

I ended up doing a workaround for these. There are drivers for "virtual motion sensors with switch" that you can install in Hubitat. I used them to create a virtual motion sensor switch which I then imported into Alexa. Within Alexa I created routines that involved turning on/off my Meross Smart Plugs in response to the virtual motion sensor switch being turned on and off. So I turn on/off the virtual motion sensor switch within Hubitat or within Alexa working through Hubitat, and the Alexa-only device responds appropriately.

This way, I can create controls in my dashboards for the Alexa-only devices like the Meross Smart Plugs, and it works flawlessly, although it requires that Alexa be connected to the internet.

How would it work for Google Home?

I've created a few meross drivers for various plugs and switches that you may be able to repurpose for the light strip

I have the Meross led night light would be awesome to get it working on hubitat aswell as homekit.

Thanks my friend. I will give it a shot and will let you know.

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Anyone have the smart wifi dimmer switch or any way i can make it work with hubitat sorry new user

Haven't been able to get the meross Light strips connected to HE yet... Anyone has made any progress?

Hello my friend, how would I be able to tweak these to make them compatible with the Meross Led Light strip... I haven't been successful and need guidance on how to repurpose these.

Most of the drivers I have made have been from sniffing out the payloads from the meross app using catch or Charles proxy. What’s the model # for the light strip I could try and order one and see if it’s possible

The model is MSL320