Memory issues [C7] []

I've been having more frequent low memory issues. Nothing has changed dramatically. Database for some reason is showing double what it usually is. Normally in the teens but lately showing in the high 20s. Up time is about 4 days. Just checked logs and don't see any run away errors. I've had this happen several times lately. Memory is showing between 170 and 150.

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Same here memory seems to be.getting very low. I think it is the added crap for apple.homekit.


Hmmm I wonder. My basic understanding is that it's like any other app that you have to install and has no effect until then but maybe not.

This is the lowest ive seen ... there definately seems some sort of memory leak issue

Mine seems to be about typical as of late. I have the HomeKit integration installed with a bunch of devices on it. This is a 30 day view. If I go back 90 days it seems like it has gotten a little worse since way back then.

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I think there is already a fairly extensive topic on this subject:

not the same subject.. low memory is NOT the same as CPU load

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But they are discussing low memory as well on that same thread

yes but not the same.. mine and the other posters hubs are not showing load warnings.

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i am going to not touch anything on the hub.. my take on it is that updating drivers or something else i did, caused memory to be used and not recovered.. but it could be just a leak..

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Same thing I was thinking.

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