Medicine not taken alert/reminder

I can't work out how to get a reminder or notification if a virtual switch is off (medicine not taken) at a certain time (7:30pm)

I have setup an NFC tag to scan which changes a virtual switch to on when I take my medication via a rule machine rule.

At midnight the virtual switch resets to off via Basic Rules.

What App should I use to get a notication/ reminder if the virtual switch is still off at 7:30pm?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:
Cheers, TIm

There are multiple ways to do it. You could add an RM rule for 19:30 with your actions or redo the basic rule as an RM rule depending on your preference.

Certain time 12:01 Am
Certain time 7:30 pm

IF time is 12:01 Am then turn off switches Lisa Pills, Tim Pills
ELSE-IF time is 7:30 PM AND Lisa Pills or Tim Pills is ON then....add your reminder actions

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Here's an example with notification to phone and Sonos repeating until the switches are off:

I've done the above such that the two switches are grouped. It could be amended further so that the announcements are individual to Tim or Lisa (I'm guessing you've done two NFC tags)

Edit: I just noticed I used 07:30AM not PM...adjust to suit


I use webcore to manipulate a tile on my dashboard that I can touch to confirm that I took my medicine. Probably overkill for you since you are using RM.

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The way I do it is to set up an automation at the required times and dates to light up a bulb. In order to turn the bulb off I have to say a key phrase which the system reacts to.

I have Fibromyalgia amongst other things and it really screws with my memory. The worse it gets or if something makes it bad, the worse my memory gets.

In my case it's set up in G.Home because of the Zigbee hubitat bulb horror stories. But I use timing for dosage and bulb colours for the type of medication. So red for cancer/pain tablets, yellow for pain patches and any others for any I might need otherwise are easily set up. While I'm thinking about it, I'll add an automation for the CBD drinks (Edit: Indigo) - good anti cancer med.

Example: @ time switch bulb med alerts on (red) and "medication alert" on local speaker.

When I reply pills/meds taken in this case, the system replies and turns off the bulb. So I have a positive reinforcement that I've done it, because I have to do something to complete the routine..

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Thanks for the help everyone :slight_smile:

@johnwill1 does this look right to you using RM?

I could not get an "ELSE-IF" in the same line in the middle of the rule. Sorry I am fairly new to Hubitat so know its me thats not doing the correct thing.

That looks fine. Yes it's a bit tricky until you get used to it, but the more rules you create, the easier it gets, trust me!

Once you've started your conditional with 'IF', and you've added the first 'THEN', you'll see the options on that same page for 'ELSE' and 'END-IF'. To get the 'ELSE-IF' you click done, then click the + to add the next action, select 'Conditional' and you'll see the 'ELSE-IF' because you have an unfinished conditional.

Strictly speaking your method is correct not mine....As there are only two possible triggers, IF it isn't 12:01AM THEN it has to be 7:30PM otherwise the rule wouldn't have triggered. My ELSE-IF might be more used if there were more possible outcomes.

There are always so many different ways of achieving the same goal in RM and if the rule works as intended, it doesn't matter how you get there.


Thank you for the extra explination @johnwill1

The rule triggered and reset as I wanted. Many thanks for your help!