Media tile for spotify


Is there a way to control spotify via a dashboard media tile (so controlling spotify which is installed on the same device)?

Thank you

There is a way yes, if you have an Alexa device and use Echo Speaks. Echo speaks allows you to perform searches on Spotify, and if you add a media player tile for the said Echo device, you can control Spotify.


Ok. Thanks. Just tried it out. But this only works when spotify is running on the echo right? It can't control a different spotify connect device. (Like my avr?)

No, sadly not. Although the tiles are handy for skipping etc.
I added a load of virtual switches and used the name of the switches as a Parameter to send to Alexa, so I can play my fav artists/genre this works great.

The SpotifyConnect only appears to be able to be used by Spotify itself, as far as I'm aware.
Maybe you can bluetooth to the AVR? You can do that by using the connectBluetooth, which is what I'm doing for certain things.

But you can accomplish quite a bit with it :slight_smile:

Ok thanks....this unfortunately isnt what Im looking for....

Btw: is there any way to cast what is played on spotify to my avr? My sonos speaker work fine with sonos avr only support heos though ( and of course dlna, spotify connect)....I dont like bluetooth as it's not on the same level quality wise.

There are a few AVR options around, depending on what you have.

Thanks. So no heos support with hubitat so far?

I don't see spotify as a selection in echo speaks Select Music Providers. Am I missing something.

How did you managed to pull what is Spotify playing?

Using Alexa Speaks attributes :+1:

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Hello, I am attempting to create virtual switch tiles for radio stations using Tune-in similar to what you did for Spotify (Great Idea!). However I am missing something in the process, I have the virtual switches created, I think my issue is with the action in Echo Speaks. I select the music provider as Tunein but not sure what to use for a search phrase for Tune in for station WBMW, or if I am on the right track or way off base in what I am doing. Also do you have a rule to turn off the switches after they have been pressed. Any examples or advice would be appreciated as I am new to both Hubitat and Echo Speaks. Thanks in advance..

Ah I'm using webCoRE to do this and variables. The virtual switches are my variables for "nowPlaying" and I store all other switches into a variable, "notPlaying" I then turn off all those switches notPlaying.

You could probably do the same in RM.

Well that's what I was missing. Thanks.

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Hey man! This is amazing!
I'm new here and I'm trying to add more interactions with my speakers and I would like to have a step by step on how to build something similar.
Do you mind to share with me how to build a dashboard where I can the option to select the playlist, see the cover picture and select the device to play?

Thank you so much!

Regards from Brazil!

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Hey there :slight_smile:

This was back when I was using Alexa Speaks. Do you have this, or let me know which kind of speakers you have?

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I'm using Alexa Speakers.
I was able to use the basic Music Player template, but nothing further than this.

Thanks for you quick response!

If you check down the right hand side of your Echo device, you will see all the Attributes you can use. Or check them out here Attributes - Echo Speaks<br>Documentation

To create this side of the dash

I used @Cobra's SuperTiles which you can get here

The Album art is trackImageHtml Attribute
Then these other attributes, currentAlbum, currentStation (I'm sure the last one was currentTrack but I dont see it).

For the Volume I was using the "music Device" of the Echo I wanted. And the switches were all Virtual switches, which I used to search Spotify (you can do this in RM or webCoRE whichever you have).

So it would be searchSpotify(deviceLabel) or add the switch you want. I used webCoRE to do this.
I searched for a screenshot of the piston I used, but sadly cant find it :frowning:


This is great!
Thank you so much for your help!! I'm still a noob, but with your tips I was able to start my Music Dashboard :slight_smile:

Thank you!!

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Great news!! Feel free to PM me, if needed.
And I saw you just registered on Cobra-Apps, so if you need any help configuring SuperTiles, raise a ticket on there and we'll be happy to help :+1:

I think that I'm getting good on that :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your support my friend!!

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