Means to activate by Modes?

While we can define different Activation settings based on Modes, I didn't find a way to define different means to activate based on Modes.

For example, I want the lights to activate based on motion when the mode is Day, but only with the Activator Device when the mode is Night.

I created two apps for now, but I wonder if there is a more elegant way.

If you setup a zone motion app you can control the modes that the zone will be relevant for. I have used this to setup different sensors to be used in a zone in different modes, i.e. two different zone motion instances, but you could use it in your example as well, with just one zone motion setup and a mode restriction.


If I already bother with two instances, two instances of the Room Lighting work. I just wondered if I could do it in one.

You would only need one instance of RL, but with the addition of a zone motion setup instead of direct references to the motion sensors. But I take your point, worth asking the question about options in RL.

Personally I like the zone motion app as it allows me to easily move sensors in and out of use in a room without needing to update all the references to an individual sensor.


Ah, I get it now. In my scenario, I don't want any sensors to be involved in one of the modes, but only the virtual activator device (activated via voice, phone, etc).

So in ZM restrict the zone setup to just the modes you want.

Oh, got it, so the virtual sensor will never fire. Yeah, that could work! But let's see what @bravenel says about doing it in RL only.

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I’ll be interested in what Bruce has to say. The only way I know that would work besides @sburke781’s idea, is to just have the activator device be the only means to turn on and off. Then use Rule machine to control the activator device based on modes. I’m not sure it’s possible to do this without virtual devices that can have their behavior modified.


Yeah, if I involve the RM, I can just do the entire thing in the RM :slight_smile:

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I didn’t say it was a great idea. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This is inherently a conditional form of activation, and not something that Room Lights supports (other than through Restrictions). It could be done with an intermediary RM rule of some sort, or potentially with two Room Lights instances each with appropriate Restrictions.

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Yeah, that's what I figured. Too much flexibility for RL.


This is why I've been (slowly) writing my own app. Currently you can select different lighting based on mode.

The next step is to allow triggers also based on mode. This will be in my custom zone motion controller that is used as the trigger for this app. It is a long path but has been fun working on.

Most rooms are pretty boring since most of the time I want them to follow the circadian lighting schedule (yet another app :wink: ).

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