Meaning of repair in zwave status

So many of my devices show refresh/repair in the list. These items seem to function, but I get worried when I see that status. What should I read into this status?

Also, I'm thinking about getting the C8 and bringing over all the devices over to the new hub. Will this also bring over two devices that never completed inclusion but still show up in my list with a "discover" in the column? Any other way to get rid of these?



Read nothing bad into it.

With the creation of the 700 and now the 800 series of ZWave radio chips from SiLabs the use of a Full Zwave Repair has been replaced by individual repairs. There's far less impact to the whole mesh during a single repair vs touching each and every device.

Both Refresh and Repair in that column are there for your benefit. Click 'm anytime. :slight_smile:

The buttons to watch for are Discover and Replace. Those indicate something is not right for that device. Discover means the Join process didn't complete and is somewhat common for Battery devices. You would click the Discover button and then click the battery ZWave device to wake it up. Once the full conversation is complete, you'll be able to finish with naming the device.

Replace/Remove appears when the device is detected as having failed. Imagine the scenario in which a ZWave device dies. You get a new one sent and want to just swap it into place. Replace does that for you. However, with Hubitat's Swap Apps Device (Swap Device in Apps) tool in Settings, you can choose to simply add the new device normally, swap the "in use by" via that tool and then Remove the old device from the ZWave radio.


Yes. Looks like both failed devices are locks. You can try hitting the discover button, wait for it to finish, and see if the remove option appears. If those devices are powered up, this may not work. Best to remove power first and then go through the discover/remove process.

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The first thing I'd try is to click Discover then push/click the locks to wake them up again. The manual of the lock will help with that I presume. If you can't find the manual or can't find the "wake device" hint in the manual, then the next best would be as @FriedCheese2006 suggests... power off the Lock, refresh the device and when Remove appears, use it. Then power on the lock and Join it again.