MCO Home IR Thermostat (IR2900-ZW)

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Release includes as a new device IR2900-ZW, but don't know how to add the device on HE or what they mean by new device on this version. Does not show as a Thermostat or MCOHome. JustAdd as a Z-wave thermostat?

If it’s a z-wave device, and it’s now on the compatible devices list, you should be able to put both the hub and the device in pairing mode, and it’ll pair with the correct driver.

Have you paired the device to your hub?

I am considering getting one. I have and looked on devices or brands and can't find it. When you say correct driver where do I get it?

Drivers for officially compatible devices are part of the hub firmware, you don’t have to do anything to get the driver.

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I’m still confused on how to add MCOhome IR2900 to the hub since it’s not showing as an option on the device list. Can I control on off, temperature settings and fan settings. Could this thermostat be controlled using dashboard?

You can go to the hub’s “add devices” page to put the hub into z-wave inclusion mode.

The z-wave device itself will generally need some kind of button press to put it into inclusion mode as well (detailed in the device’s user manual). Sometimes new-in-box devices will start in pairing mode the first time they power up.

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